Moving 60 people by car:

Moving 60 people by bus:

Think of that next time you’re in traffic wondering what benefit you get from public transit since you never ride the bus.

Also, it’s a good advertisement for why companies, especially those in Downtown and Oakland, should be working on contingency plans to get their workers to their jobs in case of a transit strike or shutdown later this year. About 40% of the workers Downtown take transit to their jobs every day, and we have to be prepared so we don’t get stuck in traffic. Visit for more information and suggestions.

(Yes, I know, the perspective isn’t exactly the same for the two photographs, so the bus looks smaller than it really is, and so on. But the underlying point is valid. The photos can be found in various places all over the Internet, most often cited as coming from the city of Münster, Germany.)

Posted by: Ken Zapinski