The Pennsylvania Transportation Funding & Reform Commission was established by Gov. Rendell in 2005 to study transit and transportation issues across the state. Five of the panel members were appointed by the governor and one each was appointed by House and Senate leaders from both parties. The chairman of PennDOT Secretary Al Biehler. Here’s what that bi-partisan panel established by the Democratic governor of the state had to say about the Port Authority of Allegheny County when it issued its report in 2006:

Problem: “Operator wage rates historically higher than industry and statewide average; highest in the U.S. when accounting for cost of living (p. 40).”

Solution: “Reduce the growth in high PAAC labor costs through productivity improvements and, upon labor contract expiration, wage rate and benefit cost adjustments (p. 57.)”

Posted by: Ken Zapinski

UPDATE: The PA Economy League of SW PA report that confirmed the findings of the Funding & Reform Commission regarding the Port Authority wages is available here.