With all due respect to Sean Connery…

Null Space weighs in on my Sunday Post-Gazette Forum commentary on the Port Authority labor dispute. He raises a very good point about the lack of detail on the recent contract settlement agreed to by the Chicago Transit Authority that addresses many of the same issues facing the Port Authority. (His “Away All Boats” reference, alas, does not hold water.)

The accommodations by the CTA’s 17 unions include:

  • The unions agreed to relieve the CTA of its healthcare obligation by settling for a little more than 50 cents on each dollar owed;
  • Union members went from paying nothing for healthcare coverage to paying 3% of base wages.
  • Retirees go from paying nothing for healthcare coverage to paying up to 45% of the premium cost.
  • And the age for retirement with full benefits goes from 55 years old/25 years of service to 64/25.

There were also changes on pension, authority governance, and other issues that are not directly on point with the Port Authority situation. But you can judge for yourself. A full description of the CTA reform package is available here on the web site of Democratic Illinois State Rep. Julie Hamos.

Posted by: Ken Zapinski